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A mines to metals company

Jubilee Platinum

Jubilee Platinum plc (the "Company") is a mining exploration to metal development company with a focus on platinum group elements (PGE) and nickel. Through recent acquisitions, the Company has added PGE and ferro-alloy smelting and refining to its capability.

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3rd ARC Furnace Successfully Commissioned and Operational

3rd ARC Furnace Successfully Commissioned and Operational

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Mining is a fine balance between commercial viability and environmental sustainability, and Jubilee is committed to operating in a manner that will ensure the longevity of both the operations and the surrounding areas and communities.

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Our Projects


Jubilee has exclusive rights to develop and commercialise the unique ConRoast smelting technology until 2020. The technology has been proved to be capable of recovering platinum group metals from difficult to treat ores, smelter residues and chromite tailings. » Read more


Jubilee's 63%-owned Tjate project on the eastern limb of the Bushveld Complex is independently judged to contain the world's largest undeveloped defined block of platinum ore. » Read more

Australian Nickel

Jubilee's access to what could eventually prove to be more than half a million tonnes of nickel in Western Australian mine tailings dates back to 2005. » Read more

Middelburg Smelter Facility

Jubilee’s acquisition of the Middelburg smelter complex (“Acquisition”) in September 2010 (100% owned by Jubilee’s subsidiary Jubilee Smelting and Refining Pty Ltd (“JSR”)) has opened the doors to significant advances in Jubilee’s mine-to-metals strategy.
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